For shipping a whole household full of goods you use a moving company. For shipping a few small boxes you use a shipping company. But what if you need just a few big or heavy items shipped? Goods like mattresses, bikes, paintings, and other works of art need to be shipped by freight. Freight shipping is used for anything that is fragile or too big or too heavy to be shipped normally. Freighted goods are usually packaged normally and then enclosed in a crate. A crate is a large shipping container that is usually made of wood. It is used in freighting to ship large or fragile goods.

Use this tool to get an accurate and instant freighting and crating quote. This price will include freighting charges, packaging charges, and crating charges. Start by entering origin and destination zip codes. Click “Find Zip” if you need help finding the correct zip code. Then enter your desired shipping date and the dimensions of your item in inches. If it is already packaged, then enter the dimensions with packaging. If it is not already packaged, then enter the dimensions without packaging. Then answer all of the questions using the corresponding checkboxes.

Get pricing on shipping smaller packages using UPS, FedEx, or USPS

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Instant Crating and Freighting Quote

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